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   New Hampshire has a newly implemented, web-based, statewide data system called TEMSIS (Trauma Emergency Medical Services Information System). It gives New Hampshire's 279 agencies the flexibility to collect their own data and then upload to the state via XML or enter their runs via a web browser using an online run form.

The report writing feature allows agencies to define their own reports, publish them to several different formats, and schedule when the reports are to be run and delivered via email. This data mining tool is also available to the State for statistical analysis of the states 84,000+ annual runs.

Data entering into the system is scored utilizing a custom validity engine that analyzes the data for completeness. The TEMSIS system was developed for New Hampshire by ImageTrend, Inc.

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   The mission of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program is to help people live better lives through effective emergency medical services. The EMS Program staff carries this mission forward through the EMS Program administrator, six regional specialists, an EMS education specialist, theTrauma Emergency Medical Services Information System (TEMSIS) is to continuously improve our comprehensive statewide EMS system in order to ensure excellence of out of hospital emergency medical care to all persons within the State of New Hampshire.

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